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WebMaster FTP is a Windows FTP client and management program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX / Linux / BSD hosts. It can reduce errors, and substantially reduce the time required to perform web site management tasks via FTP. Having everything that you expect from an FTP tool for webmasters, the program also has some unique features like automatic setting of the correct file permissions and more.


  • Familiar Explorer-style user interface, friendly and easy to use. See screenshot.
  • You can see both file list and the folder tree - instantly grasp where you are, where other needed folders are, etc.
  • UNIX / Linux / Apache support: easy visual recognition which files are system, which are executable (scripts), which are links, which are special (like .htaccess). Intelligent link resolution.
  • No more errors on uploading scripts in the wrong mode or with the wrong permissions. WebMaster FTP automatically sets the mode (ASCII / binary) and file permissions.
  • A number of powerful tools, including:
    • Advanced Synchronize Folders, 
    • Quick Compare Folders,
    • File Filter with support of include/exclude masks, time and size filtering,
    • Quick Find / Select Files by Mask.


  • Automatic setting of the correct permissions for the uploaded files, like 0755 for CGI scripts.
  • View simultaneously folder tree and file list for both remote site and local computer, like in Windows Explorer.
  • User-defined UNIX and Apache web server specific file icons and file types.
  • Move files and folders on remote server with drag and drop.
  • Soft links resolution (using cached listings).
  • Marks icons of executable files and resolved soft links with a small overlay icon.
  • Can automatically find time difference with the remote ftp server, thus minimizing synchronization errors.
  • Advanced synchronization tool.
  • Can append on download and upload.
  • Resume failed transfers.
  • Drag and drop transfer between local and remote folder tree and file list in any combination.
  • Kill any queue item during the progress or all items.
  • Filter contents of both local and remote view with adjustable name, size or time filters.
  • Recursive folder deletion.
  • Enable or disable columns of the file browser or reorder them with drag and drop.
  • Rearrangeable program layout: you can swap local and remote view, lay them horizontally or vertically, move log and download queue to the top or bottom.
  • Multi-threaded operation.
  • Intelligent recursive transfer of folders. Files and subfolders inherit transfer mode, Resume / Append settings and other things.


Q. What FTP servers it is compatible with?
A. It should work with the established FTP servers on UNIX / Linux / BSD or Windows NT/2K/XP servers.

Q. Is it yet another FTP client?
A. No, this is a new FTP client specially designed for webmasters whose web sites are on UNIX / Linux / BSD hosts.

Q. Why do you target your program at UNIX servers?
A. Most web hosting providers have UNIX / Linux / BSD servers with Apache web server, because they are the best choice for internet and web, and the majority of the webmasters have accounts on such servers. However, most FTP client programs have little or no support for UNIX or Apache specifics, such as UNIX executable files, links, .htaccess files, etc. Thus webmasters have hard time recognizing links to files or folders, hardly can determine which script has been set correct permissions for CGI execution, hardly can remember in what mode (binary or ASCII) ".htaccess" files should be uploaded. All this cause errors, frustration and the time loss. We have released WebMaster FTP that addresses these issues.

List of features

Site management

  • Full featured site manager with hierarchy of groups / sites / bookmarks.
  • Multiple host type support, including UNIX / Linux / NT. Support of UNIX "ls" (with and without group information) and MS-DOS type of listings.
  • Save remote and local folder pairs as bookmarks to return to them later with a mouse click.
  • You can assign default local and remote folder for each site.
  • Detection of server time zone offset for more accurate synchronization and file comparison.


  • Keep-alive connections.
  • FTP firewall with custom FTP commands, allowing any possible combination, including "USER username@host", "SITE host", etc.
  • SOCKS firewall support.
  • Both PASV and PORT data connections.
  • Automatically execute custom FTP commands after being logged in.


  • Friendly, fully rearrangeable user interface. You can view / hide most components for greater flexibility.
  • Program remembers the size and position of all UI components as well as columns information of the file list.
  • Sound notification on certain events.

Navigation / listing interface / possibilities

  • Familiar file / folder navigation interface with the hierarchical tree at left and the list on the right.
  • Quick view of number and size of the selected or all files.
  • Quick jump to local or remote folder.
  • Windows icons for local files. User defined icons and descriptions for FTP side files.
  • Remote links resolution, link overlay icons. Simplifies understanding a bit.
  • Remote executable (script) files overlay icons. Simplifies understanding a bit.
  • Quickly handles long local or remote listings of 1000+ files.
  • Sort files by name, size, extension, date, ascending or descending.
  • Case sensitive or case insensitive sorting of the remote files.
  • Enable / disable, rearrange columns of the file list component.
  • Flexible caching and refreshing of the remote file listings.
  • Powerful display file filters. Specify include/exclude file masks, size and/or date range, or disable the filters altogether. These filters also apply to folder transfers.
  • Progress pop-ups for FTP operations, busy / ready indicators for remote and local browsers. You always know if FTP command is finished or in progress.


  • Full drag & drop transfer / move files support, including local <=> remote, list => tree, list => transfer queue.
  • Transfer files using buttons, context or top menus.
  • Multithreaded simultaneous transfers for maximal throughput and speed.
  • Re-use of additional transfer threads. This speeds up transfers of small files a bit, as there is no overhead of connection establishment and logging in.
  • Transfer and navigate simultaneously.
  • Transfer queue.
  • Cancel transfers in progress or in queue.
  • Resume interrupted or cancelled transfers.
  • Append on upload or download. Perfect for transfer log files.
  • Recursive transfer of folders with inheritance of the transfer mode and file filter settings.
  • Flexible transfer mode assignments binary/ASCII/auto via file name and extension or forced.
  • Automatic setting of file permissions on upload.

File / folder management

  • Move files on local or remote computer with drag & drop.
  • Independent menu / tool bars for local and remote browsers. You don't have to switch to the required browser before you perform a file operation.
  • Create / rename / recursively delete folders.
  • Rename / delete files.
  • Set permissions for remote files.
  • Full Windows Explorer integration of the local browser. You can perform every action available in Explorer to the files or folders, including Copy / Cut / Paste, Open, Edit, Open With, Send To, Properties, etc.
  • Local files can be deleted to recycle bin or irreversibly.
  • You can copy to the clipboard full path of local and remote files or FTP path of remote files.


  • Advanced folder synchronization tool with many options: direction, recursion, missing/existing, date, size, include/exclude mask, link, transfer mode, overwrite/skip, delete extra files, etc. You can save synchronization profile to a file and use it later.
  • Quick compare files ( or files and folders ) tool. Different items are highlighted, so they can be selected and then transferred or deleted, etc.
  • Keep logs of FTP commands and file transfers.
  • Execute custom FTP commands.
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