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Art HTML Listing creates filtered, sorted, fully customizable directory listings, indexes, menus, maps and trees in HTML, DHTML, XML, text and CSV formats, as well as the list of MP3 and image files. It is designed for webmasters, developers and system administrators and for those users who need to make / print folder listings. The main difference from DHTML menu making programs is that you don't need to manually enter lots of menu items - the program scans files and makes menus automatically.

A picture is worth a thousand words, see Art HTML Listing screenshots.


  • You can put the listings and menus generated on as many websites or intranet servers as you need.
  • The program can be called from batch files and thus you can update the listing automatically.
  • Fifteen ready made templates for quick professional results, including:
    • Javascript drop-down menu. Sample.
    • Expanding / collapsing tree. Sample.
    • Sortable listing table. Sample.
    • Website map / tree. Sample.
    • Framed Table of Contents. Sample.
    • Download list with MD5 hashes and download times. Sample.
    • XML folder listing. Sample.
    • Classic HTML directory listing. Sample.
    • Modern HTML directory listing. Sample.
    • Static HTML recursive tree. Sample.
    • PDA listing, file listing designed for small screen devices such as PDAs or smartphones. Sample.
    • Compact N column listing - designed for maximum number of files on screen. Sample.
    • Recursive table folder listing - for making / printing local listings or creating play lists. Sample.
    • Simple text listing. Sample.
    • CSV - Spreadsheet. Sample.
    • Image N-column Gallery. Sample.
    • MP3 HTML File List. Sample.
  • Much more flexible than automatic folder indexing provided by web servers
  • Saves lots of time compared with DHTML menu makers
  • Template customization and own templates
  • HTML, XML, CSV and text output
  • XHTML compatible
  • "Safe" DHTML / Javascript is used


  • Tree (recursive) and table (linear) listings
  • Full featured file filter:
    • Files by name mask include/exclude
    • Folders by name mask include/exclude
    • Files by size
    • Files by modification time
    • Files by attributes
  • Sorting on filename, size, time or extension; ascending or descending
  • Flexible recursion options
  • HTML titles extraction
  • MP3 ID3 tags extraction
  • Image dimensions, color information extraction
  • Digital photo EXIF information extraction
  • Media types and icons support
  • MD5 and SHA1 hash calculation [for downloadable content verification]
  • Download time calculation for 56K and 1M transfer rates
  • Can show disk space occupied [for local listings]
  • Calculates recursive size for folders
  • Adjustable file time and size format
  • Command line mode for external automation, with the ability to run multiple projects at once
  • Save user preferences in project files
  • ZZI2: SSI-like template language, developed for file/folder listing processing
  • GUI template manipulations: modify template file, copy template, rename, change image, change description
  • Can handle large listings

Usage ideas

  • Create web site tree
  • Create DHTML / Javascript drop down menu.
  • Create DHTML / Javascript expandable / collapsible tree menu
  • Create DHTML / Javascript sortable listing table
  • Build index files for directory browsing and file downloading.
  • Make Table of Contents for your HTML help or documentation
  • Print and share source tree representation for programming projects
  • Print CD & DVD listings
  • Create CSV folder listing
  • Create XML directory tree
  • Create simple text directory list
  • Create file listings designed for smartphone and PDA downloads
  • Create the list of MP3 files
  • Create an image gallery

Art HTML Listing vs DHTML menu makers

With DHTML menu creators you need to enter all of your menu items into the program. If you need to link hundreds or thousands of HTML files, then AHL will save you a lot of time. Program can also automatically extract information from files, such as HTML title, EXIF time or image resolution, and put it into the links.

Art HTML Listing vs web server automatic directory listings

If we compare Art HTML Listing with Apache mod_autoindex, then the benefits of Art HTML Listing are the following:
  • Works for any web server, any hosting plan, any server configuration.
  • Can create and display off-line contents.
  • Trees and DHTML menu support. Apache can not create DHTML menus or trees.
  • Time and size filters.
  • Separate file and directory filters.
  • Both include and exclude filters. Apache supports only exclude filters.
  • Templates.
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