Print Directory Listing

There are two programs that print directory listings:

Whether you need to print directory listing to memorize the files on the CD you have just burned, or you are a web master who needs to have a professional-looking index files for your web site, we have a solution for you. It is very easy to create stylish, table or expanding-collapsing tree directory print in just a couple of steps with the help of either Art Directory Print or Art HTML Listing. Both programs have enough capabilities to make what you need, to save your time and yield professional results. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced users with high demands.

One of the possible directory listings created with Art HTML Listing Sample directory listing created with Art Directory Print


What program suits you best

Art Directory Print Art HTML Listing
For instant print of a directory. The program is integrated with Windows Explorer. It also has HTML-saving capabilities. For web masters who need to create directory listings for their web sites.
You can change almost everything in a listing: fonts, colors, columns and their order, file sorting, recursion, etc. Output is template based. Templates are fully customizable. There are several predefined templates that ship with the program.
The program has a powerful filter that allows print the listing consisting of just the files that you need: by name and extension, by date, by size, by attributes. It also has directory filter. The program has a powerful filter that allows print the listing consisting of just the files that you need: by name and extension, by date, by size. It also has directory filter.
Prints table listings with options to print nested subfolders. You can also get the recursive stats suitable for disk and quota monitoring. Can make either table or tree-like listings, including expanding / collapsing menus. Has full recursive options. The program supports JavaScript driven DHTML tree menus. It also can calculate download time and has some other advanced capabilities. You can create listings in languages other than English, because you can change every word in a template.


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