The program is free for non-commercial use. Download ZZEE DHTML Menu Free version here.

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ZZEE DHTML Menu is a library for Javascript and PHP that you can use to create familiar dropdown menus like in desktop applications. Please see the detailed description in the help file.

ZZEE DHTML Menu is fairly easy to install and embed into your existing HTML or PHP pages.


  • Similar looks and functionality to desktop menus, end users feel at home
  • Fully customizable looks
  • Lots of options
  • Search engine friendly (PHP/HTML version only)
  • Simple API, easy to embed into your code
  • Compatible with the major browsers
  • Small file size, little download overhead
  • Comes with four ready made styles
  • License for unlimited websites / intranets / HTAs


  • Javascript interface
  • PHP interface (in this case you can generate either HTML or Javascript code)
  • You can make both horizontal and vertical menus
  • A menu can be placed inside both absolutely and statically positioned containers
  • Keyboard navigation & accelerators
  • The library supports and automatically handles shortcuts (like Shift+F3) - you don't have to develop additional code
  • You can add, delete and modify menu items on the fly [that is, after the menu is displayed and working and without a round trip to the server] (JS version only)
  • You check and uncheck items (JS version only)
  • You can select radio items (JS version only)
  • Can you enable and disable items and submenus (JS version only)
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal separators
  • Items can have icons
  • The library can fly-out submenus to right or left, top or bottom depending on the position of the menu
  • Widths of items and submenus are set automatically, as well as placements of shortcuts
  • You can have more than one menu on a page
  • Search engine friendly, degrades well if Javascript is turned off (HTML version only)
  • Style is defined via a CSS file, which you can replace to change the looks
  • Four different CSS files ship with the library
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional compatible
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5 to 8, Firefox, Opera 9
  • Handles the SELECT tag problem for Internet Explorer 6 and lower


You can use the Software on as many websites, intranet applications or programs with HTML interface (HTAs) that you own.

You may not modify any of the Javascript files that come with the Software. You may not remove any copyright notice from any file. You may not incorporate code from the Javascript or CSS files of the Software into other files, you may include them only via file linking.

For more information see file "license.txt" that comes with the Software.

Difference between Free and Full versions

The Free Version doesn't have the PHP interface, it adds a new menu item "ZZEE DHTML Menu" to menus, and it comes only with one style "Vista".

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