Contact support directly

Q. How do I get the full version / key of the program?

Every software title that we sell is delivered electronically. It means that you need to download the installer for the program and, optionally, the key. All applicable information for your purchase (a key or a link to download the full version) is on the activation page for the program. Installer for the full version is usually the same as for the trial, and can be downloaded from the product page on our website, except for Webmaster FTP, ZZEE DHTML Menu and ZZEE Human Pictcha. For these products you need to download the full version using a link on the activation page.

Full version / key is available immediately after the order is processed. If you pay by a credit / debit card or other online payment method, you can start using the program right away.

If you provided incorrect email address or if your email address has changed and you can not get the key to your new address, contact support directly with your correct email address.

Q. Will I be able to reinstall my program later? Is there any internet verification or hardware locking?

Yes, you can reinstall the program any time if you need to change your computer or reinstall the OS. Just use the installer and the key that you have saved as recommended above. Even if you have lost your key and installer, you can download them anytime from our website. There is no internet verification or hardware locking for the full version of the program, so you can reinstall the program any time.

Q. I need to reinstall the software, but I have lost my key / full version.

If you have never received a link to the key / activation page or if you have lost the key that was sent to you earlier, click here to resend yourself a link to the key / activation page.

Q. I need technical support.

If you have a question about a particular software title, please visit its webpage first, there you can find links to online documentation and support public forum where you can search for information or ask your question. The list of all software products is here and here. The list of forums is below. If you still have not found the answer to your question, you need to contact support staff directly.

Q. Where is public forum / support / Google group for the program?

For other titles there is no public forum yet and you need to contact support staff directly.

Q. Why is it better to ask for support on the public forum?

It is better to ask your question via the public forum because:

Q. I have not got a reply to my question.

Please allow several hours for the response, we also are closed during the weekends. If more than two days have passed and there is no answer, it is likely that either your question or our answer have been deleted by an antispam filter. So, if your question permits, please post it on the public forum above, or resend the question, putting the name of the program into the subject. Please do not use vague subjects like "Help", "Help needed", etc, always add program's name.

Q. Is there any phone number to call?

No, we do not have support staff manning a telephone. The only support options are via the forum and direct email. Actually, these options are more effective for supporting software products.

Q. Contact support directly.

If you have not found the answer to your question here or in the program's documentation or on the public forum, and your question can not be asked on the public forum because it is personal or about your registration/key or because there is no forum for the software product yet, please email your question to: [email protected]. Include the program's name and order number into the subject and provide all relevant information.

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