Email antivirus

Email worms, viruses, Trojans, web bugs? They can come to you right with HTML-based emails. Virus can be launched automatically when you simply open or preview the message. Can you afford losing private data, including passwords to your bank account, paypal or ebay, by allowing another tricky virus to get in?

Generic antivirus software alone can't protect from all threats of HTML and MIME-based email. As a matter of fact, all recent viruses, such as Nimda or Klez successfully broke through antiviral protection, and in many cases users didn't open the attachments, all they did was just they viewed the messages! It has become obvious, that a new approach is required in dealing with HTML email.

And here 1st Email AntiVirus comes. 1st Email AntiVirus is an advanced email protection utility that doesn't let virus to get into your computer by means of email message. The program prevents virus from being automatically executed and copes with other threats of MIME and HTML-based email. It is compatible with any POP3 email software.

1st Email AntiVirus is better than any generic antivirus programs, because it can cope with *any*, even fully unknown, *future* virus, that may happen to spread in a while. Any conventional antivirus program uses virus signatures to handle known viruses, or at most, it uses some kind of a pattern to catch unknown virus that falls into that pattern. 1st Email AntiVirus uses different approach - it simply destroys the media that is used by the virus to spread itself. This way the virus has no chance to be launched automatically. 

The purpose of the program is to prevent viruses from automatic execution on message view. However the best results are achieved if you use both 1st Email AntiVirus and some antivirus program.

1st Email AntiVirus Usual antivirus program
Removes the holes of HTML and MIME which are used by viruses to be automatically launched. Virus scanning is not performed. Scans for known viruses.
Prevents unknown viruses from being executed. May not do well with unknown virus.
Removes other security threats of the email, such as web bugs or annoying pop-up windows triggered by embedded scripts. N/A
Handles oversize messages: retrieves them, cuts at specified size and deletes from a server mailbox, thus preventing from denial-of-service attacks. N/A



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