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6.2. POP3 relay settings

Default POP3 TCP port is 110, and it is usually assumed in all email clients, as well as in 1st Email Anti-Virus. If port 110 is for some reason is busy, then set other port, such as 2000 or so. When you click OK button, program tries to listen on the specified port, and if it is busy, 1EAV gives an error message.

Email client read / write timeout and POP3 command wait timeout generally should be set to the maximum possible values. Do so in the email client settings as well.

Remote server read / write timeout has the same meaning as the timeout in the email client, so when you install 1st Email Anti-Virus, set here the value that was set in your email program. Generally the slower the connection - the bigger the timeout. One or two minutes is good in most situations.

1EAV fetches and processes all messages from the remote server that are requested by the email client, despite their length. If the length of the message being handled exceeds maximum message length set, then only that part of the message that fits within allowed size is processed by the program, the rest is ignored. "Cut" messages get a special header: "x-zzee-cut". Also they have a header that shows the original length of the message. This feature helps to fight against denial-of-service (DOS) attacks, such as run out of server mailbox space, run out of local mailbox space, buffer overflows, etc. 

We suggest that you set maximum message size at 1-2 Mb.

Also the program cuts the messages which have the lines exceeding 64K characters. The limit of 1000 chars is set both by POP3 and SMTP specifications, and well-established email programs will never generate such a message. Often this is used by hackers to find the security holes in the email programs such as buffer overflows.