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8. FAQ

8.1. What is the purpose of the program?

Ensure that email messages can be safely previewed and opened.

8.2. Does the program disable HTML contents?

As of version 3.0 and higher, the program is completely HTML-friendly, and user can set the option to keep an HTML format. However it filters HTML to ensure that it is completely safe to view.

Of course, the program can also convert HTML to a plaintext, so users with email programs that don't support HTML still can view the message, or for those who simply don't like HTML-based messages. And the plain text is the safest option.

8.3. Can I safely open attachments of the messages filtered by the program?


You can safely open and view email messages themselves. 1st Email Anti-Virus makes sure that the message body doesn't trigger any attachment and that all possibly harmful attachments are zipped, so they are not launched automatically. However attachments may still have viruses. Before opening any attachment scan it with the latest version of your conventional antivirus program.

8.4. How can I verify that my email program is receiving email messages via 1st Email Anti-Virus?

8.5. Would I get an alert if a virus did come in an email?

No, there are no alerts issued by the program. And it doesn't scan for viruses, it simply destroys the media which viruses use to spread, this may or may not kill them as well.

8.6. I already use an antivirus or an antispam program. Can I use 1EAV and that program at the same time?

Yes. 1EAV can work together with other antivirus and antispam programs, giving you more protection. 

8.7. I can't connect to 1stEAV from the other computer.

That's right. This version of 1stEAV supports only connections made from the same computer. To connect from the other computer, network version of the program is needed.